Bodies Unisex

A happy baby

For a mother, the priority is her son. And your well-being is a basic requirement, like the unisex body, "a basic piece for the baby". A garment that has as its sole objective: to provide the smallest comfort and isolation. It covers the needs that a newborn child needs to protect his delicate body; protect them from external temperatures, and provide fastening in the diaper to avoid losses that cause these little ones such helpless unpleasant sensations.

In Roly we want babies with good feelings. For this reason, we produce a unisex body with cotton of the highest quality. So that your dreams are covered with sensations.

Second skin

Its direct contact with the baby's delicate body demands that it be a garment with very high quality requirements.

This basic outfit becomes, from the first moment, the king of the baby's closet, becoming the second skin of the newborn. It is used continuously, day and night. It is changed several times a day, some leakage of the diaper, or some small uncontrolled vomit of the little one. That is why it should always be within our reach and it is recommended to wear a pair of bodys in the baby's bag, next to the diapers