It does not matter if you are a man or a woman

Athletics, triathlon, marathon, hiking, mountain biking ... A world full of trials for all ages and gender.

More and more training plans and online or face-to-face fitness communities are followed by all kinds of people, regardless of the gender of each. Training programs, crossfit, yoga, an immense range of activities that require good pants with elastic fabric to do the exercises without any obstacle. Men and women join every day to get rid of stress, improving their balance and strength, while gaining flexibility.

We are in the age of therapeutic training and this has only just begun. In Roly we want to show solidarity with everything that supposes a healthy life, for that reason, we manufacture unisex leggings, made with elastic fabrics that facilitate the freedom that you need for your workouts.

The training pants and athletics

The new unisex fitted pants sweep into a world in which training our body becomes a priority.

Long time ago where the pants with elastic fabric was only used inside a gym. So whether it's because of the "sport" trend or the "normcore," where you seem to have opened the closet and put on the first thing you've seen, elastic pants sweep up as much as large fitness communities.