Variety of proposals

Although initially designed as a complement to the male suit, it has now become a garment that every woman has in her closet. There are different models. They are open, closed, short or long, with hood or fluffy collar. Some models have feathers, others have denim fabric. The most daring get fitted to their body and opt for a leather fabric. Others, go unnoticed with basic colours and looser models. The vest, with tacks or without them, is fashionable. Different proposals combine it with voluminous skirts or tight pants “pitillo”, inspired by the vintage style or the most rocker. Others bet on comfort by choosing models that are resistant to water and with thermal qualities ready to face low temperatures.

Combinations for every style

With flaps or without them, quilted or thin, thermal design, comfortable or elegant, women choose their diverse variety to show them in their different looks every day, as a garment that adapts to all times of the year; that's why the vest is the top complement of women. Its transformation into the world of women's fashion has helped this sleeveless garment to be in the position it deserves. At Roly we have different warm and distinguished proposals that adapt to the current female fashion. Proposals that blend perfectly under your favorite jersey.

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